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Dr. Hatfield's Signature Tour begins upon arrival in Paris CDG airport on May 6th. A tour Manager will greet you when you exit the Arrivals Hall following the arrival of your flight.
In case you would like to arrive ahead of the group, please meet other tour members in the Arrivals Hall. The motor coach will depart immediately for Cabourg.
At the end of the tour on May 16th, the motor coach will arrive in the afternoon at the Sheraton CDG Airport Hotel. Room is included in the tour price. The following day, the hotel will provide a complimentary transfer to the airport terminal.


Recommended arrival flights:

May 5:

  • Delta Flight #2134 departing Austin at 3:05pm, Arriving

Atlanta at 6:15pm

  • Delta Flight #8672 departing Atlanta 8:05pm

May 6:

  • Arriving at CDG at 10:35am

Recommended Departure Flight: May 16, 2021

  • Delta Flight #229

  • Departs CDG 10:10am, arrives Cincinnati at 1:15pm

  • Delta Flight #4657 departs Cincinnati at 3pm

  • Arrives in Austin at 5:10 pm

Assistance with Airline Reservations:

Gay Gillen Travel can assist with airline reservations. The service fee is $100 per person. If you prefer to contact Delta directly, the phone is 1 (800) 221-1212 or visit

Once you have your flight reservations, please forward a copy of the airline schedule to Gibbs Miller at


PASSPORT VALIDITY NOTICE: Please make sure your Passport is Valid for up to SIX Months after returning to the USA.

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