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Relais et Chateaux

In a creative rut? Travel fosters inspiration and gets your creative juices flowing. Seeing new sights, both ancient and modern, sampling new cuisine, and experiencing new cultures can all breathe fresh air into any creative process. One of Gay’s favorite sources of inspiration is traveling to a Relais et Chateaux hotel. Relais et Chateaux is a carefully (by invite only) cultivated group of small family-owned hotels and restaurants. Emphasis is placed on charm, warmth, and fine dining. Actually, it surpasses mere emphasis; Relais and Chateaux is world renowned for their extraordinary gastronomic experiences! The brand signifies luxury accommodations and Michelin-caliber food. Each hotel captures the "spirit of locale in both style and food." You have to see it to believe it!

After her first stay at a Relais Chateaux "maison" in France in 1977, Gay says that her goal in life was to stay in every one. Now there are members all over the world including ranches in Colorado, elegant English country houses, tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean, riads in Morocco, and certainly the original maisons in France.

This past spring, Gay was invited to travel to the Dordogne Valley & Bordeaux with David Woodward, Director of Sales for The Americas. See the pictures below for more information on these French beauties!

Photos - David & Gay assisting the beekeeper at Le Chapelle Saint-Martin, with fellow travelers at Chateau de Mercues, and arriving at the entrance of Le Vieux Logis in Tremolat. Additional photos of Hotel de Toiras.

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