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Hidden Treasures of Ireland begins upon arrival at Dublin Airport on May 2nd after the arrival of Delta #176 at 10:35 am. Meet your driver when you exit the Arrivals Hall. Complimentary transfers provided to meet Delta Airlines arrival from Atlanta.

Recommended Arrival Flight:

  • Delta Airlines #2630 Depart San Antonio at 4:24 pm Arrive Atlanta 7:47 PM

  • Delta Airlines #176 Depart Atlanta at 9:40 PM Arrive Dublin at 10:35 AM on May 2, 2020

Recommended Departure Flight:

  • Delta Airlines #177 Depart Dublin 12:20 PM Arrive Atlanta at 4:12 PM

  • Delta Airlines #2980 Depart Atlanta 6:00 PM Arrive San Antonio at 9:15 PM


Flight Pricing:


  • Business Class, nonrefundable $5,117.43 + air desk fee

  • Premier Economy, nonrefundable $1,667.00 + air desk fee



Assistance with Airline Reservations:


Brownell Travel can assist with airline reservations. The air desk fee is $100 per person. If you prefer to contact Delta Airlines directly, the phone is 800-221-1212.


Once you have your flight reservations, please forward a copy of the airline schedule to Gibbs Miller.


PASSPORT VALIDITY NOTICE: Please make sure your passport is valid for up to SIX MONTHS after returning to the USA.

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