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Our Shared Heritage in London & East Anglia


September 7 – 17, 2019



For the Hatfield England Tour, we now have a custom Travelex Insurance group plan (360° Group Premier Protection Plan) that provides excellent benefits and offers you peace of mind.  The coverage includes trip cancellation & interruption benefits, emergency medical coverage, along with 24/7 travel assistance & concierge services. This plan offers first payer coverage and a pre-existing waiver for pre-existing medical conditions along with the unforeseen medical accidents that could occur while traveling.


The 360° Group Premier Protection Plan insurance can be purchased up until final payment.

The pricing is listed on page 2 of the brochure.  I have also included the rate below covering the land portion of the trip only:

360° Group Premier Protection Plan Rates: 

Trip Cost: $12,000-13,000

Trip Rate Per Person: $1053

*At a minimum, we recommend covering the base cost of land arrangements for the England trip ($12,198 per person). If you would like to add the cost of air or any other arrangements made, please let me know.

For additional information on the coverage and specific questions on the coverage please do not hesitate to contact Travelex Insurance at 1-888-574-7026. 

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